your Trash – our Treasure

SeyTreasure is an innovative plastic recycling business, incorporating innovative recycling techniques and customized unique designs

Collected plastic waste from beach clean ups, from the local community and other establishments will be turned into valuable and reusable items.

The aim of this business is to reduce single-use-plastic waste (such as bottle caps, food containers, empty shampoo/detergent/soap bottles etc.) and to turn it into another product or reusable shape-design which will be used for accessories, jewellery, decorative items, key rings, flower pots and many more.

The Company’s vision is to have a clean, plastic free and sustainable environment to preserve Seychelles outstanding beauty.


Since May 2022 we started voluntarily cleaning plastic (washed up or left behind) from our walking beach. 2022 a total of approx 150 clean ups have been documented.

In 2023 we have done a total of 314 beach clean ups.

This is how and where the idea for SeyTreasure was formed

Keeping the beach clean

Collecting Plastic Waste during regular beach clean ups, as well plastic collection from households and tourism establishment


Turning plastic waste into new reusable products

Raising awareness

Educational activities through workshops and recycling activities.